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  • National Geographic Magazine: The End of Night
    Cover story of the November 2008 issue, this is a general interest level, background piece on light pollution.
  • Wall Street Journal: It''s All About the Lighting
    Around the world, the night sky is vanishing in a fog of artificial light, which a coalition of naturalists, astronomers and medical researchers consider one of the fastest growing forms of pollution, with consequences for wildlife, people''s health -- and the human spirit. (The video that originally accompanied this article has apparently been removed.)
  • Washington Post: Lighting Linked to Breast Cancer
    Women who live in neighborhoods with large amounts of nighttime illumination are more likely to get breast cancer than those who live in areas where nocturnal darkness prevails, according to an unusual study that overlaid satellite images of Earth onto cancer registries. (Published Feb. 2008)
  • BBC Radio show
    MP3 of a BBC radio show about light pollution.
  • Susan Harder, guest on WBAI "Create Your Healthy Home" radio show
    January 2, 2007. The guest was Susan Harder of the DarkSky organization. The topic was light pollution. She was featured in an article in the New York Times on December 17, 2006 called "Tilting At Lampposts". Ms. Harder has gotten both Montauk and East Hampton to change the light fixtures on their lamposts to prevent lighting up the sky, save money and cut down on glare.
  • Farmers Almanac: Light Pollution--Are You A Culprit?
    Are you culprit? Take this quiz and find out.
  • Light-Cancer Connection (PDF)
    A Prevention Magazine article that summarizes various studies that point strongly to the connection between exposure to light at night and increased risks of breast and many other cancers. (May also be online at MSNBC here as a PDF file.)
  • Let There Be Light -- Bring Back the Stars
    An article from The Hamptons View by Nancy Hyden Woodward about dark skies and what is being done in eastern Long Island to protect dark skies. (Originally at which is now defunct.)
  • Preservation Magazine - Beyond the Glare and the Blare
    "Once, people could bathe in starlight and listen to snow fall. Now the quest to renew darkness and silence is growing." Cover story of Preservation Magazine, by Anne Matthews.
  • Light Pollution Taking Toll on Wildlife
    An article from National Geographic about the effects of light pollution on wildlife.
  • LIPA to install full cutoff lights rather than floodlights
    A change in the LIPA tariff will eliminate Floodlighting on Long Island under LIPA's NightLight program.
  • Giving Back The Night
    As of Aug. 21, 2003, all outdoor lighting must conform to Hailey, Idaho's new outdoor lighting ordinance. It's one of the best small town ordinances in the country. Story from the Idaho Mountain Express.
  • Dr. Pauley pre-releases light pollution paper
    Dr. Pauley has been kind enough to share a pre-publication version of his paper Lighting for the Human Circadian Clock: Recent Indications that Lighting Has Become a Public Health Issue.


The Dark Sky Society (DSS) is based on Long Island, NY. Membership is free and open to anyone interested in preserving the natural star-filled night sky and fighting the intrusion of light pollution.

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