Dark Sky Society

About the Dark Sky Society

The Dark Sky Society supports educational and legislative efforts to eliminate light pollution — glare, trespass, and up-lighting by unshielded, misplaced, excessive, or unnecessary outdoor night lighting — in order to conserve energy, maintain our desirable community character, safeguard our wildlife, and restore our view of the starry night sky.

This site is sponsored by Dark Sky Advocate, Susan Harder.

Susan Harder has spent the last 25 years working with the International Dark Sky Association and the astronomers who need the skies dark to see the stars. She was also a founding member of the Hamptons Observatory, which hosts free star talks all over the East End with a professional telescope.

Interested in joining? There are no membership dues or fees, just the desire to see our natural star-filled night sky, without the intrusion of unnecessary artificial light or light pollution.

Just drop us a line at: Darksky.society@gmail.com